• Just a little note to say thank you for your support of the recent Tri Together taster training sessions. The expertise, experience and enthusiasm you brought to the sessions have left a great impression on those who attended.  I thought you might be interested to see some of the feedback we’ve had;

    ‘I just wanted to say that the event on Saturday was really good and useful for me and I’m sure everyone who attended.’ Becky

    ‘Had a great day yesterday bought a lot back from it great help many thx to you all see you in August’ Derek

    ‘Had a great day, but realise I have a lot of work to do! Thank you all!’ Jane

    As a result, with your help, we’ve had more signups and we will be sure to have a better, safer race all round.

    Thank you for your continued support of Tri Together.  I will see on the day and look forward to working with you again in the future.

  • Susan says:

    Hever was difficult, I wasn't feeling on form, so a disappointing bike particularly, though I smashed the swim :) got out of the water just ahead of Laura which means I swam fast (I clocked just under 30 mins but the timing was a bit long for everyone for some reason). Then just survived the bike really, and felt a little better for the run but not able to push it hard. Still glad to have finished it given how I was feeling and bonus in under 3 hours. 
    I saved emailing till today as I wanted to have a better story to tell than this. I did London Fields aquathlon this morning which was much more fun - going to do more of these next year. 400m swim and 5k run which I did in 7.24 (got held up by a few people) and 23.05 (not bad but keen to still get this down...). 
    I'm DELIGHTED with the difference all your sessions have made to my swimming particularly. So happy. THANK YOU!
    (Ironman - no way!)

  • Peter says:

    I did manage to get some sleep last night which was good, but was on tenterhooks and woke up a couple of times – and then the alarm went off at 4.15am so I could have my muesli breakfast and coffee. The adrenalin was already pumping!

    Regarding today... well I got round!

    The swim went really well – I was 300th out of 1594 which I was really chuffed about. I've a new better fitting wetsuit that makes it much more comfortable for me to swim freely, and with practise I've had sighting and the group swimming, the mass start this morning was OK and I found myself feeling quite confident alongside the other swimmers. 

    It rained for the whole of the ride – which was good in some ways as it kept me cool, but it did make me (and some of the other cyclist) more cautious. The climbs were tough – especially during the second lap – and about 3 hours into the ride my back was really hurting, possibly because it was not used to seated climbing for so long. The climbs just seemed to go on and on.

    As a result I was completely exhausted by the run, and had to stop to adjust my lock laces as my trainers were too tight (possibly because my feet were swollen after the ride) , and I plodded round at just under 6m km pace which was rubbish and I was a bit disappointed with –and again the run really was flipping hilly which really took it out of me. 

    However it was all completely worth it and the run to the finish was just utterly joyous – and I'm completely chuffed with having both done it, and my lovely big chunky medal!

    Thanks for all your help and advice – I couldn’t have got to where I was today without your plans and guidance.

    As I'm not training for anything specific other than the Hever Olympic at the end of September, I don't think I need a specific training plan for the time being, however if you had some general tips to help me keep my hand in on-going, and in the run up to Hever.

  • Mark says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the coaching, I feel it has improved my swimming no end and you are a great coach and a lovely person.  Am just finding out that the longer the event I enter the better the entrants are but hopefully the swimming will stand me in good stead!

    Best of luck with it and I'll continue to tell everyone who might be interested in your sessions.

  • Thanks again for your input to my success and improvements this year. Here are my last results as requested. 

    I did the half marathon on Sunday at 1:38:39. It's only the second one I have done and improved 7 minutes over March 2014. In the 40+ category it placed me 29/2079. Next year I will be 55+ which would have put me 3/260. 

    The Hever Tri I improved by 30 minutes over last year. I was 57 seconds behind the winner and I lost that in transition. I am pleased to have been so close to Jane as she has be the one who inspired me and was way way ahead if me in performance. The other 12 in our age group were 1:20 hours behind. I was 7th out of all over 50 and Charles Barclay was 5th. I was the 14th woman overall. 

    Swim - 41:44 - 8 mins faster
    Bike - 3:28 - 15 mins
    Run - 2:08 - 5 mins
    2 mins faster in transition. Total 6:26:28

  • Sarah says:

    So, I’ve just completed a 1500km swim – in 50 minutes! Considering that a year ago I couldn’t even swim 25metres properly is true testament to Audrey Livingston’s teaching/ coaching ability.

    Audrey’s approach to improving swimming technique is excellent. Audrey has taught me how to breathe and how to relax when swimming, as well as improving my stroke(and believe me – it needed improving!). Now when I swim I get tired due to the amount of drills that Audrey puts us through in the swimming session, not down to poor technique. I still have a long way to go to consider myself a ‘swimmer’ but, with Audrey’s guidance and coaching, I will one day!

    I also attend Audrey’s BodyPump and Spin classes at my local gym. What I really like about Audrey is that she makes you believe in your abilities and she makes you want to push yourself just that little bit further – to improve yourself. After a class or session with Audrey you feel really positive. Audrey has a disciplined teaching style that makes you feel safe and confident – she knows what she is talking about and will always correct you if your technique isn’t quite right.

    Audrey is an inspiration. I remember my first BodyPump class was with Audrey and I thought ‘I want to look as good as this teacher!’ I like that Audrey gets involved – she  doesn’t just instruct, she ‘does’ too.  Audrey gives constant guidance and loves to set you a challenge! Audrey always makes herself available after class for people who have questions.

    In three words, Audrey is Approachable, Knowledgeable and Fun!

    My favourite ‘Audrey’ saying at the moment is from her spin class, and is… ‘I’m going to take you so far out of your comfort zone that you’re going to need your passport!’

    Audrey is a great lady and I’m sure she will be able to help you achieve your goals too!

  • Jane says:

    “I am a 49-year-old woman and have been training with Audrey for just under a year, doing mainly circuit training and a few one-to-one sessions for running.  After having made the decision to enter the Race for Life last year, having done absolutely no physical fitness work for many many years, I asked Audrey for guidance and she gave me some basic tips to start with and then we had a couple of one-to-one sessions to help with my running which I was struggling with. 

    Throughout the process Audrey was very patient and helpful, taking the time to go back to the basics and work up, without patronising or making me feel inadequate.  The lessons learned in those initial sessions have stayed with me throughout and I can still smile at some of the exercises we did to break down the mechanics of running!  At times when I was flagging I would turn to Audrey and she helped to keep me motivated and carry on with the training.

    After a great deal of hard work I completed the Race for Life, which I still consider to be a milestone achievement, and I vowed to keep up the good work and joined a weekly exercise class run by Audrey.  Since joining the classes and following Audrey’s diet and lifestyle advice I have lost in the region of two stone and, more importantly, two inches all over.  Everyone has noticed the difference in me, not just in body shape but in me personally as well, which is a real confidence booster. My fitness level has improved no end and as a result I feel so much happier and healthier.  I had always been cynical about the effects of exercise but now I know it to be true and have spread the word to other friends.

    In the circuit training I have mastered many exercises and used a variety of pieces of equipment that I was previously incapable of and Audrey has encouraged and supported me throughout, especially with the balance balls, which I really struggled with. Having had several major stomach operations throughout my life I have always had a problem with abdominal exercises and Audrey took this into account and tailored exercises to suit me personally; now I have started to notice a marked improvement in my muscle tone and am so much stronger in this area. 

    Audrey is very easy to relate to, using calm assertive energy with touches of humour to push you to stretch your boundaries and achieve goals that you considered to be unreachable.  Her enthusiasm for health & fitness as infectious and it really motivates you to push harder and strive for more, without making you feel intimidated.

    I now feel that I can aim much higher in my fitness goals and, who knows where my newfound fitness will lead!

    I am happy to recommend Audrey to anyone considering embarking on a fitness programme at whatever level, from beginner to advanced, and I am sure they would be happy with the results.” 

  • Anne says:

    “I contacted Audrey when I was tired of feeling unfit and being overweight.  I have a long history of disliking gym-based exercise and wanted to try something outdoors, like running.

    I have really valued the way Audrey teaches me about the muscle groups, and how to ‘tune in’ to my body, to recognise and adjust breathing patterns and muscle movement.  I think Audrey’s ability to teach these skills has helped me the most to improve my attitude toward better fitness – because I now understand why I need to do things in a certain way as well as how to do them.  My flexibility and stamina have greatly improved because of the range of exercises Audrey has designed in my fitness programme.  Since working with Audrey I have even been motivated to follow the programme on my own (outside of our sessions) which is something that I have rarely been able to do in the past.

    Audrey has a flexible attitude and is creative in how she helps you to work out.  Her extensive knowledge of physiology meant that she is able to negotiate around the things I don’t find comfortable and teaches me to work out safely.  I think that Audrey has a particular strength in the way that she engages with people and she regularly evaluates my progress and re-evaluates what I want to achieve.  I recommend personal training with Audrey Livingston”.

  • Kim says:

    “I was 50 in 2010, made redundant in April 2008, started a new job in October 2008 and decided I was too fat and unfit.  I joined David Lloyd, went to gym three times a week and then saw Audrey doing some Personal Training sessions and made my choice to do some sessions with her.  I have really enjoyed my Personal Training sessions, Audrey is really tuned into what my needs are and is really helping me to achieve it.  Audrey is patient, motivating and has a very friendly manner.  I have lost just over two stone since November 2008, my body shape has definitely changed since training with Audrey.  I have more confidence and feel better about myself.  I have just booked another 10 sessions as want to achieve more and know Audrey will definitely help me achieve this”.

  • Elizabeth says:

    “I needed to lose weight, but had no motivation or ideas how this could be achieved.  Audrey gave me a taste of gym work and how it could be fun.  I was able to work out for an hour, afterwards feeling fulfilled.  Audrey supported and cajoled me further.  She was always there with a smile and positive words to assist me – how I enjoyed my workout with her.”